Welcome to My10, software that helps you intentionalize your sharing of the Gospel.
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My10 is an online and mobile friendly tool to help you track your Bible study interests, and remind you to follow up with them on a regular basis. You can have any number of contacts, but we suggest 10 being a good goal for your outreach efforts. Perhaps full time workers may have time for more than 10, but every member can have 10 contacts as their goal.

Rather than being a tool useful for church administrators, conference leaders and such, our goal is to have a simple tool aimed at the needs of the individual user. By that light we will pass all our efforts and future developments.

This software was made in cooperation with Global Mission department of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It is in alpha development now, so we don't claim it to be a stable or final product. We are interested in your ideas and feedback.



Intentional, personal contact to finish the work.

Contact Management

Keep all of your contact's info and see which contacts need following-up.


See locations and proximity of various contacts on a map.

Prayer Requests

Track prayer requests and answers with a daily prayer journal.


Track specific appointments and to-do lists, as well as keep a global calendar.

Cloud Sync

Automatic sync of contact information for any device you use.


Set the follow-up frequency for each contact, and their status is displayed.

Multi Lingual

The My10 interface is ready for translation into many languages.

We hope to soon have translation for many languages. Would you be able and willing to help us? Contact us today!

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My10 is Simple to Use

We have intentionally made the tracking interface simple so you will want to use it.

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